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Thinking of Moving to New Zealand? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Sep 12, 2022

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth–find out how to make it your new home.

Though the world is full of beautiful locations, there is no denying that New Zealand is one of the most scenic places around. There is a reason that so many movies and shows are filmed here–New Zealand offers breathtaking natural spaces that you just can’t find anywhere else. Pairing this with its unique and welcoming culture, you will find that New Zealand is a truly incredible place to live. Let’s take a look at what you need to know before you move to this beautiful country.


What is it Like to Live in New Zealand?


Life in New Zealand is both similar and different to life in the United States–but there are several reasons why so many Americans are moving to New Zealand. There are a surprising number of Americans in New Zealand, and many of them are looking to make New Zealand their full-time home. From personal values to the universal healthcare system and stunning views, the list of New Zealand benefits is long. It is common for people to visit, fall in love with New Zealand, and want to live there. 


There are many stories of people from all over the world coming to live in New Zealand for 1 to 2 years, then ending up staying for 20 and making it their permanent home. Unfortunately, New Zealand can feel far away but that is also what gives it its charm.


When you move to a new country, it is natural to expect some changes. Your New Zealand lifestyle might look different from your U.S. lifestyle–and that’s not a bad thing. New Zealand has its own culture and experiences to share, whether it is its surprisingly beautiful eggs or its incredibly friendly residents. Americans, in particular, are quick to fall in love with the incredible New Zealand work-life balance. You will find that life in New Zealand is comfortable and relaxing, with plenty of opportunities for adventure.

Can You Move to New Zealand and Become a Citizen?

As more Americans start exploring life in other countries, many of them are asking how easy it really is to get citizenship in new places. U.S. citizens can obtain citizenship in New Zealand in 5 years depending on the visa that they obtain–and this is great news. If you try out a temporary move to New Zealand and decide that you want to live there permanently, you can absolutely do that. New Zealand immigration has come out with new visa options this year.  I cannot give immigration advice but check out for more information.

Is it Hard to Immigrate to New Zealand?

Immigrating can be hard, and that is a fact–but there are things that you can do to make your transition easier. Making a leap like this can be really intimidating, especially if you aren’t sure what to expect. This is why I have created the New Zealand Training Hub, which gives you a head start in understanding the NZ culture, connects you with others on the same journey, and answers all of your questions through live events. Fortunately, you can trade your nerves for excitement when you take the right steps to simplify your move. You could be living in New Zealand sooner than you think!

Start Planning Your Move Today

Moving to New Zealand as a U.S. citizen can bring so much joy, which is why I created Kiwi Americans to help make your move to New Zealand easy. From understanding New Zealand culture to getting your CV in order before you apply for New Zealand citizenship or work in the area, I am happy to help you make a seamless transition. 


Every year, more Americans are moving to New Zealand, and it is so easy to see why this is the case. New Zealand is a beautiful place with wonderful people–and you can be one of those people too. To learn more, explore my New Zealand experience on my Kiwiamericans YouTube channel, or contact me for a 1:1 consultation today!



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