Journey to New Zealand: Everything you need  for a Smooth Transition!

Ever imagined waking up to the lush landscapes of New Zealand, integrating seamlessly into its unique culture, and navigating the everyday like a local? This resource will transform your New Zealand dream into an achievable plan.

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Dare to Move... Embrace the Adventure


Considering a leap to New Zealand? It's not just about shifting your address; it's about shifting your world. I have lived in NZ for over 8 years and have done two full-family relocations, so I know every twist and turn of this journey...that is why I have created this for you.  (I only wish I had something like this when I arrived!)

Your Personal Guide to Navigating NZ:

  • Get your questions answered: Be informed, not overwhelmed.
  • Settling in Smoothly: Jobs, schools, and setting up a home? I got you!
  • Living the NZ Way: Decode the local life, from grocery shopping to embracing Kiwi customs.

With this resource, you won't just land in New Zealand; you'll belong.

Why Wrestle with Uncertainty?
Equip yourself with our insights and confidently embark on your New Zealand dream. With my guidance, you won’t just live - you’ll thrive in New Zealand.


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Don't make this journey alone.

Considering a move across the world, be it a quick escape or a permanent move? Dive into our expertly designed membership– your ultimate toolkit to master every detail of the NZ experience.

Why Choose Our Membership?

  • Comprehensive Guidance: From job hunts to school registrations, sail smoothly with our insights.
  • Vibrant Online Community: Immerse in rich interactions with future NZ residents. Share tales, gather tips, and even forge friendships ahead of your journey.
  • Tailored for Planners: If precision and foresight resonate with you, our platform will be your invaluable companion.

Give yourself the edge in making your New Zealand dream seamless and memorable.

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Why we moved to New Zealand


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How to move to New Zealand


how to move to new zealand
Moving to NZ from USA


moving to new zealand from usa
American lies


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What does the membership cover?



Here’s a Glimpse of Your Exclusive Perks:

  • Premium Video Training: Dive deep into the NZ experience, with fresh insights added monthly.
  • Live Monthly Q&A Sessions: Interact directly with our NZ experts and get those pressing queries addressed.
  • Connect & Collaborate: Be part of an elite online circle of future Kiwis. Share stories, request tailored video content, and unlock members-only resources.

Why navigate the NZ transition alone?
Arm yourself with the tools, community, and confidence essential for a seamless move.

Ready to Transform Your NZ Dream into Reality?
Embrace Your Membership and ensure your New Zealand journey is nothing short of spectacular!

What specifically are in the training videos?


Thinking about coming to NZ Module..

  • To ship or not to ship
  • Where do I start?
  • Should I visit first?
  • Landing a job
  • What to do with my stuff?
  • How much will it cost?

We are coming to New Zealand Module:

  • Housing
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Applying for school
  • Bed sizes
  • Internet and Phone
  • Managing long-haul flights
  • Money Matters

I've what?

  • Insurance
  • Driving and Drivers license 
  • Registering with a doctor
  • Sports
  • Holidays
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Cultural training
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Misty S.

"We are actually moving to Wellington in January and this is really helped us feel more comfortable and not feel like will be in such a culture shock thank you very much"

Marco M.

"She knows everything about NZ and is always so keen to help foreigners.  She is authentic and helpful.  100% recommend"

Alinda S.

I would recommend this to anyone who is even remotely considering a move to NZ.

Alex B.

If you are considering a move to New Zealand, I recommend talking with Tara.

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Resume/Cover Letter Templates

One of the first steps coming to New Zealand is land a job - these template will land you that job!

Interview Prep 

Congrats!  You landed an interview in NZ - now what?  I am here to help with this Interview prep package.


Get all your questions answered!


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the training hub, let us know a we can cancel your membership. No questions asked.