Life is too short to live somewhere that doesn't bring you joy.


We need to stop living our lives to please someone else.  The world needs you to be authentically you.


You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny.  Self-awareness is key.



I have moved my family of 6 to New Zealand in 2013.  We came here for an international experience and ended up loving it!  We have now been in New Zealand for 7 years and I have created a community around our experience.

Did I ever really envision that my life would not be in New Zealand?  NO WAY! It isn't until you step out and try new things that end up finding something you never knew you needed.

There is no perfect place but there can be environments that enable you to thrive more than others.  We are grateful to be able to live in New Zealand and are better for it.

Are you thinking about a move to New Zealand?  Well you are in the right place.  

Visiting Hobbiton is a must!

You may be surprised to learn that many New Zealanders don't care too much for the LOTR or Hobbit movies...even though it put New Zealand on the map for the masses.  The above picture is us in 2013 the day after we arrived and the one on the left is April 2022!

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New Zealand Membership Community

There is no other offer on the market that helps you line up a visa, job and prepares you to Thrive in New Zealand like this community.

This is a very special place where I spend time daily.  Join my private group, get unlimited access to me and a clear pathway to New Zealand.

There are limited spots and sometimes it is closed for new members - so don't delay.

Check it out HERE

Let's chat!

I am also available 1-on-1 for anyone who wants to just talk through some questions.  Moving overseas is a big decision and I have done it with 4 kids- twice!  Book a call with me cause sometimes it is just nice to chat with someone who knows.