Hosted by:  Tara Hulbert (Kiwiamerican)

I have talked with so many clients over the years helping them prepare for their move.  I was surprised to find that the biggest barrier they had was the questions in their mind.

  • What if I hate it?
  • Will I ruin my relationships?
  • Will my kids need therapy?
  • Where do I start
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Check out my moving abroad experience

Ginger G

Tara is a wealth of knowledge and a genuinely nice person.  Highly recommend!

Lauren B.

Tara was so helpful in quelling my hsuband and I's worries about moving our  to NZ!

Alex B.

If you are considering a move abroad, I recommend talking with Tara!

Alinda Sarma

I would recommend Tara to anybody who is even remotely considering a move overseas.

It's time to get your questions answered so you can live life on your terms!

Here's a simple fact: growth only comes from change.

If you find yourself constantly daydreaming about living overseas but never actually take steps towards it...

Or if you often catch yourself thinking, "By now, I should have been living in a different country"...

Or if scrolling through beautiful travel pictures on social media leaves you feeling envious and uneasy...

Or perhaps you're just OVERWHELMED by all the conflicting advice on the internet and wish someone would just give you clear directions...

Then let's face it, you're losing valuable time by not participating in this bootcamp. The harsh truth is, without a nudge, you might never make that move abroad! (Yes, it's a bit harsh)

Because just hoping everything will magically work out while you remain inactive is a guaranteed way to remain exactly where you are. You deserve more than that. You deserve to live your dream life in another country.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to join?

YES I want in!

Frequently asked Questions

Unsure if relocating overseas is just a whimsical thought or a true aspiration?

This workshop will help you find your answer. So YES, it's definitely for you! Join our bootcamp and in just 4 days, gain clarity on what you truly desire. If you're reading this, you might already know deep down.

Wondering where this bootcamp is taking place? It's all happening virtually on Zoom. 

Who should attend this bootcamp? Anyone aiming to move abroad in 2024! We cater to both those seeking traditional expat jobs and those wanting to work remotely with location freedom. However, if your goal is just extended travel without a specific country move, this might not be the best fit for you.

Will this bootcamp assist in job hunting abroad? No but I can provide practical tips and ways of obtaining a job!

Can't attend live sessions? No worries! Your ticket includes lifelong access to the session recordings, allowing you to watch at your convenience. But I recommend joining live for real-time responses and questions—it's important to prioritize your dream now if you're serious about moving abroad.

How much does it cost?

I am still deciding on the price, but I believe this vital information should be accessible to all, regardless of their situation. I do value my time as well, so it won't be FREE and people tend to not show up if they don't have any stake in the game.

How many are allowed in?

I will be caping the bootcamp numbers - still deciding on what that is. I want it to be valuable to you but also big enough for a lot of great questions.

I am ready for a change